Anna Critchley doesn’t claim to be one of the cool kids… 

She didn’t sit at the back of the school bus, she never chewed gum, she couldn’t tell you the first thing about Degrassi Junior High and has never worn a pair of Nikes in her entire life.

But, as it turns out, schoolyard cred is irrelevant and what Anna does have – an innate sense of style, a face that never lies and a really shit memory – have seen her forge a photography career to the envy of any back-seat bus-sitter. 

It started on family holidays, with her highschool-sweetheart husband and their two daughters – an exclusive team of four. 

Anna was the documenter of beach walks and lake dives, inner-city jaunts and caravan hangs. At first it was to hold onto the moment, to trigger her memory when the holiday was over. 

Then she got hooked. 

These days, you’ll find Anna capturing other people’s stories – the true, authentic tales behind small business owners and brands, their wares and websites, social media moments and behind-the-scenes mayhem.

Because Anna tells it how it is. She loves wrinkles and double-chins, favours natural light over filters and your actual, real-life wardrobe over shades of beige against overly-staged backdrops. 

No two shoots with Anna are the same. The end result is driven by the brand, the way the light falls on the day, her mood in that moment, and what she sees the second she picks up her camera. 

What you get in return is a little piece of how Anna sees the world – a little piece of her that is genuine, joy-filled, beautiful and brave. 

If you’d like Anna to capture your all-authentic story, get in touch today.